Maker Chol leidet unter Epilepsie. Doch er wird nicht in einem Krankenhaus behandelt, sondern sitzt aufgrund seiner Diagnose im Gefängnis.

Help for mentally impaired people, epileptics and trauma patients

In South Sudan, there is almost no professional support for traumatized or mentally impaired people or epileptics. Often, due to the lack of medical facilities and the helplessness of their relatives, they are even "kept" in prison - sometimes chained to a bed or wall. With a special program, we support the provision of medication and the training of professional helpers.
Project country
Project period
Since February 2016
  • Supporting the operational structures and activities of St. Bakhita Health Center in Yei
  • Provision and training of qualified personnel
  • Provision of special medicines, supplies and food for the mentally ill in prison
  • Sensitisation of the public
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