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Sign of Hope: for more human dignity

Logo for the 40th anniversary of Sign of Hope

As a faith-based Christian organisation, we have been committed to helping oppressed and exploited people worldwide for 40 years. We promote sustainable development cooperation, provide emergency assistance and advocate for human rights. Our vision: a future in which the place of birth no longer determines a life in dignity.

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We reach out so that people can stand up

Afrikanische Bauern auf dem Feld

We help people to improve their lives in the long term, acting on the principle of "helping people to help themselves". In addition, we provide humanitarian assistance in the form of emergency and disaster relief. We also stand up for people whose rights are violated or threatened.

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What others say about Sign of Hope

Andreas Jung

I very warmly congratulate Sign of Hope on their 40th anniversary which includes four decades of human rights work. This has not only given many people a sign of hope but concrete progress has been achieved. This achievement must be built upon further and I therefore encourage the association to continue working and continue fighting.

Andreas Jung, member of the German Bundestag

Portrait von Carola Orszulik

Sign of Hope strengthens people through its projects so that they can take the responsibility to live their lives independently. This fits in with my conviction that people in need can be empowered to help themselves and thereby regain their dignity. That’s why I support Sign of Hope.

Carola Orszulik

Anne und Thomas Franke

We support Sign of Hope because we are sure that the people who really need help are supported effectively and professionally. Keep it up.

Anne-Dörte and Thomas Franke

Hermann Liening

I support Sign of Hope because I want to help people living in areas experiencing crises and emergencies to live humanely. Keep up the good work! I admire your wonderful commitment!

Hermann Liening

I support Sign of Hope because I am simply convinced by this charitable organisation, e.g. through the monthly magazine. I would like to thank you all and encourage you to please continue the important work.

Christa Widmaier