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Together for more human dignity

Sign of Hope is a faith-based Christian human rights and aid organisation. For 40 years, we have been committed to helping people in need and distress around the world, focusing on the dignity of each individual. Our vision is a world in which one's place of birth no longer determines a life in dignity. To this end, we provide humanitarian assistance in the form of emergency and disaster relief, development cooperation and human rights work. We are currently active in over 20 countries.

Why donate regularly?

As a supporting partner, you lay the foundation of our mission. With your valuable ongoing donation, you ensure that we:

  • are able to provide immediate emergency relief in acute emergencies caused by wars and conflicts, the effects of climate change, natural disasters, or the Corona pandemic.
  • can plan our aid projects for the long term and support people sustainably. They enable our work to have an impact and help people help themselves.
  • are also able to fund projects in crises that are no longer in the focus of the public.
  • can provide our own contribution in order to receive a multiple of this in project funding from public donors such as the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.
Become a supporting partner now

Your benefits as a supporting partner

  • You help particularly efficiently, thanks to low administrative costs.
  • You save on fees for individual transfers, if applicable.
  • Your ongoing donation is tax deductible in Germany - you will receive your donation receipt in January for the previous year.
  • Once a year, we'll let you know what your regular donation is doing with our annual report.
  • You can change or revoke your ongoing donation at any time.

How easy it is

Sign of Hope is one of the first bearers of the donation certificate introduced in 2017. It proves that the organisation handles donations responsibly and transparently.

An ongoing donation is possible by direct debit. You can easily create a direct debit authorisation via our donation form. There, select your desired amount, donation frequency (monthly or quarterly), and the purpose of your donation (country or theme). Make a note of the desired payment method (SEPA direct debit or credit card) as well as of your personal data.

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Thematic funding partnerships

In addition to an ongoing donation for our global work or for our work in one of our project countries, you also have the opportunity to make a regular donation for our human rights work or our emergency and disaster relief. To do so, please indicate the relevant donation purpose Human rights or Emergencies & Disasters

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the minimum donation amount to enter into a supporting partnership?
2. How can I make changes to my ongoing donation?
3. Are there cancellation deadlines I must adhere to as a supporting partner?
4. How does Sign of Hope ensure that my ongoing donation is effective?
5. What has Sign of Hope already accomplished?

Do you still have questions? Our donor service team will be happy to answer them. You can reach the team by phone at +49 7531 9450-160 or by email at


1. What is the minimum donation amount to enter into a supporting partnership?

A supporting partnership is individual. You can support our aid projects with an amount of your choice and choose between monthly and quarterly cycles. Even a small ongoing donation of 10 euros a month can make a big difference. back

2. How can I make changes to my ongoing donation?

Do you have a new bank account or want to change your ongoing donation? We will be happy to help you adjust your direct debit authorisation. To do so, contact our donor service by email at or by phone at +49 7531 9450-160. back

3. Are there cancellation deadlines I must adhere to as a supporting partner?

No, you can cancel your supporting partnership at any time without giving a reason by calling, emailing or mailing our donor service:

Hoffnungszeichen │ Sign of Hope e.V.
Schneckenburgstr. 11 d
D-78467 Konstanz
Phone: +49 7531 9450-160


4. How does Sign of Hope ensure that my ongoing donation is effectice?

Before a project is approved, our staff carefully review it for content, professionalism as well as financial viability. During the project, we check whether the funds are used appropriately and in accordance with our goals. In particular, we regularly review larger projects for effectiveness, efficacy and efficiency. In some cases, we also work with independent evaluators and auditors.
The German Charities Council has awarded Sign of Hope its donation certificate. It confirms that we handle donations responsibly and transparently. back

5. What has Sign of Hope already accomplished?

For 40 years, Sign of Hope has been working worldwide to help people in need and distress. Millions of people have so far benefited from our help and built a life in dignity. In the reporting year 2022 alone, we were able to reach more than 1.1 million people in 20 countries. The results of our aid projects are documented in the form of reports. We provide this information among other things on our website, on Facebook, Instagram and in the annual report to our supporters. back

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