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The densely populated state in South Asia is repeatedly threatened by natural disasters.
The People's Republic of Bangladesh has a population of about 165 million, according to the Human Development Report 2021/2022. Although the poverty rate is declining, about 24 % of the population lived in poverty in 2018, according to the World Bank. Cox's Bazar in the south of the country is home to the world's largest refugee camp. About one million Rohingya are seeking refuge there from violence in their home country of Myanmar. Living conditions are precarious and there are repeated fires in the camp. In general, Bangladesh has a subtropical monsoon climate. Due to its location within the tropics and by the sea in a tectonically unstable zone, the people are repeatedly threatened with natural disasters such as cyclones, landslides, earthquakes and floods.
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Gemeindebasierte Entwicklung zur Minderung von Armut

Community-based development to alleviate poverty

The majority of the target group in Gobindaganj in northern Bangladesh live in extreme poverty and are unable to improve their own living situation in the long term without external help. In the course of establishing self-help groups, various training courses are offered and carried out. These...
Vorbereitung auf humanitäre Notlagen

Preparation for humanitarian emergencies

Local non-governmental organisations are the first and last to provide on-site assistance and support reconstruction in the event of a disaster. For this reason, a total of ten local partner organisations in particularly disaster-prone countries are being given specialist training to enable them to...
Wasser, Hygiene, Gesundheit

Water, hygiene, health

In order to sustainably improve the living situation of 1,200 disadvantaged families in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Sign of Hope supports the local partner organisation in the rehabilitation of drinking water wells as well as the comprehensive sensitisation of the population in the areas of hygiene...
Gute Ernährung, gutes Einkommen

Good nutrition, good income

2,000 women earn their own income and generate a healthy diet through vegetable cultivation and other activities. In addition, they learn to organise themselves, demand their rights and better protect themselves from the consequences of natural disasters.

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