Annual report

Sign of Hope demonstrates transparency with its annual report. The report explains how our work is financed and in which countries the donations are used and how.
Jahresbericht 2023

Our goal: more human dignity

A future in which the place of birth no longer determines a life in dignity - this is the vision on which Sign of Hope bases its work. Because every human being has the right to lead a self-determined life in dignity. Despite global challenges, Sign of Hope 2023 continued to work towards this goal.

Help for 1.5 million people 

Major challenges we faced last year were armed conflicts, natural disasters and the consequences of climate change. In East Africa in particular, countless people lost their livelihoods due to extreme weather conditions such as droughts or floods and do not have enough to eat. Due to Russian war of aggression, millions of Ukrainians are still dependent on humanitarian aid. The severe earthquake in Turkey and Syria in early 2023 required rapid action. Our emergency aid helped people in their difficult situation.

But despite these hurdles, Sign of Hope reached 1.5 million people with 71 projects (including training projects for disaster relief operations) in 25 countries in the reporting year 2023. Through its 105 employees and around 50 local partner organisations, it was possible to provide emergency relief in acute emergencies, sustainable development cooperation and human rights work. In addition, 23 petitions on the topic of human rights were carried out in 20 countries.

Sincere thanks go to our supporters who have made our efforts possible. A total of 18.6 million euros was raised through donations as well as institutional grants for the work of Sign of Hope 2023. 

Insights into implemented projects

Important facts at a glance

satzungsgemäße Arbeit von Hoffnungszeichen

Of every euro donated, 92 ct benefits our statutory work. More about this on p. 13 of our Annual Report 2023.

Sign of Hope spent a total of 20,5 million euros in 2023. Of this, 18,9 million euros went toward our statutory work.

The independent auditing firm WISTA AG has issued an unqualified audit opinion on the annual financial statements and management report of Sign of Hope e.V. for the reporting year 2023. This opinion can be found in the Annual Report 2023 on pages 34 and 35.

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  • Annual report 2023 of Sign of Hope

    Facts and figures on the reporting year 2023 of Hoffnungszeichen | Sign of Hope e.V. incl. information on the Hoffnungszeichen | Sign of Hope Foundation (for now only available in German).

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