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Sign of Hope is legally, organisationally and financially independent. Behind the registered association is a dedicated team consisting of full-time and voluntary employees.
Organisation chart of Sign of Hope
Organisation chart of Sign of Hope e.V. (Status: 30.11.2023).

General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of honorary members. They usually meet once a year and decide on amendments to the Articles of Association and the mission statement as well as on issues of fundamental importance. The members's duties also include appointing and discharging members of the Supervisory and Executive Board as well as appointing an auditor.

Supervisory Board

The four honorary members of the Supervisory Board lead the association strategically and exercise a control function over the Executive Board. In addition, they receive the annual report of the auditor.

Executive Board

The full-time Executive Board manages the business based on the Articles of Association and the resolutions of the General Assembly and the Supervisory Board. It is composed of the Chairperson and the Vice Chairperson.

Location: Konstanz (Germany)

Staff Positions

The Staff Positions Executive Assistant and Controlling as well as the Compliance Manager and Policy Advisor are located under the Executive Board.

Location: Konstanz (Germany)


Donor Care

The employees of this departement look after the interests of our donors.

Location: Konstanz (Germany)

Social-Marketing & Communication

The employees of this departement are responsible for fundraising as well as press and public relations work.

Location: Konstanz (Germany)

Human Rights Department

The employees of this department are responsible for our worldwide projects and campaigns in the field of human rights work.

Location: Konstanz (Germany)

Humanitarian Assistance Department

This department is responsible for our worldwide projects in the field of humanitarian emergency and disaster relief. Together with local partner organisations, the employees provide rapid support for affected people and are in regular contact with private and public funding institutions.

Locations: Konstanz and Berlin (Germany)


Development Cooperation Department

The department is responsible for the management of our development cooperation projects in cooperation with local partners and our East Africa Branch. The employees are also the point of contact for private funding institutions.

Location: Konstanz (Germany)


East Africa Branch

From our location in East Africa, employees take care of our projects in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda as well as South Sudan.

Locations: Nairobi, Dukana and Illeret (Kenya), Kosike (Uganda), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Resource Mobilisation & Quality Assurance Department

This department is responsible for the mobilisation of resources, application systems and the implementation of donor guidelines as well as for ensuring and strengthening our quality standards. To this end, it maintains contact with institutional partners and works closely with the operational departments to guarantee high and uniform standards.

Locations: Konstanz and Berlin (Germany)

Central Services Department

In the Central Services Department, procurement and logistics, accounting and personnel matters are located.

Location: Konstanz (Germany)

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our contact persons.

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