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Millions of people have been dependent on humanitarian aid since the civil war in the country.
The Iraqi population is still suffering from the consequences of the civil war today. From 2014 to 2017, the so-called Islamic State (IS) controlled large parts of the country and was fought by the Iraqi army and allies at the end of 2017. IS atrocities and bloody fighting resulted in countless deaths. Several years later, countless families still find themselves in dramatic living conditions. According to the Human Development Report 2021/2022, about 43 million people live in Iraq.
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Food security and education for people in northern Iraq

Together with our local partner Amal, Sign of Hope supports particularly vulnerable families in the town of Zakho with food and hygiene articles. In addition, educational measures are carried out for students in order to increase their chances of entering the workforce.
Verteilung Nothilfepakete im Irak

Relief supplies against the Covid 19 emergency

The people in northern Iraq are suffering from the economic effects of the Corona pandemic. Due to the lack of income opportunities, among other things, they are unable to meet their basic needs themselves. Therefore, Sign of Hope provides relief goods such as food and hygiene items to the people in...
Mobile Klinik im Irak

Mobile clinic in Iraq

In northern Iraq, many people who have fled the ISIS terror live in remote locations or in informal refugee camps. Access to medicine is particularly difficult here. Sign of Hope supports the local project partner to provide people with basic treatments and medicines.
Hilfsgüter für Vertriebene

Relief supplies for displaced persons

Together with two local partner organisations, Sign of Hope supports displaced people in northern Iraq with food, hygiene items and warm relief supplies. Many were directly affected by the atrocities of the Islamic State. So far, a total of around 7,000 people have been provided with the most basic...

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