Humanitarian assistance

We help people around the world who have been affected by wars and conflicts as well as devastating famines and natural disasters.
Humanitäre Hilfe

Our humanitarian assistance consists of emergency and disaster relief. In the event of climate change impacts such as droughts and floods, or even earthquakes, it is essential to act and help quickly to ensure the survival of those affected. In doing so, we take care of their health and deliver relief supplies such as food and water.

In addition to providing basic supplies, we help people in need restore their livelihoods. This includes rebuilding shelters and disaster preparedness. These acute emergency measures can be followed by long-term, sustainable development cooperation projects.

You can read about the humanitarian assistance projects we implemented last year in our annual report.

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  • Annual Report 2022 of Sign of Hope

    Facts and figures on the reporting year 2022 of Hoffnungszeichen │ Sign of Hope e.V. incl. information on the Hoffnungszeichen | Sign of Hope Foundation.

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