Commitment & control

Sign of Hope is recognised as a non-profit organisation by the tax office Konstanz of the state Baden-Württemburg in Germany. Further inspection bodies as well as declarations of commitment guarantee the proper handling of the donations.
Selbstverpflichtung & Kontrolle

Sign of Hope is one of the first bearers of the donation certificate introduced in 2017. It proves that the organisation deals responsibly and transparently with donations.

Sign of Hope holds the Donation Certificate

Since 1997, Sign of Hope has been a member of German Charities Council. The umbrella organisation of donation-collecting non-profit organisations is committed to the greatest possible transparency, efficiency and sustainability in dealing with donations. In addition, Sign of Hope is one of the first holders of the Donation Certificate, which demonstrates responsible and transparent handling of the funds entrusted to us. You can find out more about the German Charities Council, our membership and the Donation Certificate on our special German Charities Council page.

Our transparency efforts

Since August 2015, we have been a signatory to the Transparent Civil Society Initiative, committing to make ten relevant specified pieces of information public. Sign of Hope has received several awards for its high-quality reporting as part of the Transparency Award organised by the auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. In 2009, the organisation even received the "Special Award as Best Small Organisation".

External audit and annual report

Independent auditors inspect us annually, they check the figures and attest to our annual financial statements - you are welcome to request these for viewing. However, you can also find the most important excerpts in our annual report, in which we report on achievements in our project regions, but also in particular on income and its use as well as administrative costs incurred. In addition, the auditors monitor compliance with the Transparent Civil Society Initiative requirements and the principles of the German Charities Council and transmit an audit report to the German Charities Council.

Nonprofit status - confirmed by the tax office in Germany

The regular review and recognition of our non-profit status or charitable activities by the responsible tax office Konstanz of the state Baden-Württemburg in Germany is also an important aspect. Thus, you will receive a donation receipt for your donations to Sign of Hope and can deduct your gift from your taxes in Germany.

Gemeinwohl Ökonomie

The Economy for the Common Good approach commits Sign of Hope to promoting the common good.

For sustainable business

Sign of Hope has taken a public good approach since its inception. For its sustainable business practices, the organisation was awarded the Economy for the Common Good certificate for the reporting year 2019. Sign of Hope thus uses 20 indicators to disclose how sustainably the organisation assumes responsibility for society and the environment in four value categories along the entire value chain as a company.

Your gift in favour of a specific purpose

We welcome every donation. Should you dedicate your donation to a specific purpose, we will endeavor to use it accordingly. Should this no longer be possible or necessary, your donation will be used for other purposes of Sign of Hope in accordance with its statutes. The projects described on this homepage are possible examples of how your donation can be used by us. We thank you very much for your understanding.


  • Notice of exemption of Hoffnungszeichen | Sign of Hope e.V.

    Last notice of exemption of Hoffnungszeichen | Sign of Hope e.V. from the tax office Konstanz in Germany dated 05.05.2023 for the year 2021 with confirmation of non-profit status and charitable activities.

  • Commonwealth Report of Hoffnungszeichen | Sign of Hope e.V.

    Commonwealth Report Compact Balance Sheet for the reporting year 2019 of Hoffnungszeichen | Sign of Hope e.V. with attestation of the Economy for the Common Good (only available in German).

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