Wer Hoffnungszeichen ist

Who we are

Sign of Hope is a faith-based Christian organisation for human rights, humanitarian assistance and development cooperation. We provide our humanitarian assistance in the form of emergency and disaster relief. We help people in need as well as in distress worldwide, focusing on the dignity of each individual. Our headquarters are located in Konstanz in Germany.

Want to learn more about the organisation? Check out our mission statement as well as our history and get to know our team.

Unser Leitbild
With dedication and expertise, we are committed to helping oppressed and exploited people worldwide. Learn more about our motivation and our vision.
Organisation chart of Sign of Hope
Sign of Hope is legally, organisationally and financially independent. Behind the registered association is a dedicated team consisting of full-time and voluntary employees.
Reimund Reubelt im Südsudan 1996

Our history

Sign of Hope has been in operation since the year 1983. Learn how the organisation came into being and how it has developed.
40 Jahre Hoffnungszeichen
In 2023, Sign of Hope will turn 40. Millions of people around the world have so far benefited from our work and built a life with dignity. This year, we are taking a special look at the work we have done.

Also visit our What we do and How we help sections.

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