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The oldest Christian nation in the world faces great challenges.
According to the 2021/2022 Human Development Report, around three million people live in the Caucasian country, 90 % of whom belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church. The population of the presidential republic, which has been independent since 1991, is still suffering from the consequences of the 1988 earthquake and the unresolved conflict with Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Poverty and a high unemployment rate of 15 % according to the International Monetary Fund are the result. Industry is poorly developed in Armenia. Livestock and agriculture are widespread. Depending on the region, the country has both a dry climate with temperatures of up to +45 °C and lows of up to -40 °C.
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Kuhverteilung in Armenien

Cow distribution North Armenia

To support families in the structurally weak north of Armenia, 13 households in the Shirak region are each receiving a pregnant cow. Along with training and veterinary care, this enables the families to produce dairy products and meat for their own consumption and later for sale. The first calf born...
Eine verarmte Familie im Norden Armeniens

Work for women and young adults

The north of Armenia is characterised by poverty due to a lack of income opportunities, among other things. Women and young adults in particular find it difficult to find jobs in the remote provinces of Tavush and Gegharkunik. The project helps them to develop their own businesses in order to be...
Frau in Nordarmenien in ihrem Garten

Food security for smallholder farmers

Shirak province in northern Armenia is characterised by poverty and poor agriculture. As part of the project, smallholders receive seeds and are trained in improved cultivation, irrigation and crop storage methods.
Die ersten Schafe sind an die Projektteilnehmer übergeben. Unsere armenischen Mitarbeiter begleiten die Menschen während der gesamten Projektlaufzeit.

Sheep distribution for livelihood security

The villages of Jajajur and Hovit are located in the Shirak province in northern Armenia, which is one of the provinces most affected by unemployment and poverty. The project provides impoverished families with sheep. By selling dairy products and wool and covering their own needs, the households'...
Familie Chatoyan in Armenien mit ihrer Kuh vom Kuhbank-Projekt

A cow for a poor family

To support families in the structurally weak city of Jajur, 15 households each receive a pregnant cow along with training and veterinary care. This enables the families to produce dairy products and meat for their own consumption and later for sale. The calves born are given to other families.
Bitterer Winter, bittere Not

Bitter winter, bitter hardship

In two winter relief campaigns, our employees Wigen Aghanikjan and Aljona Zeytunyan hand over food packages, soap and washing powder to 150 families each year. The recipients are victims of the 1988 earthquake - destitute families, some of whom still live in destroyed houses, pensioners and invalids...

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