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Floods, earthquakes, violence or hunger rob hundreds of thousands of their livelihoods every year. Immediate aid is often vital for their survival.

In the field of humanitarian assistance, which consists of emergency and disaster relief, Sign of Hope supports people in need worldwide. Humanitarian assistance is understood primarily as survival aid. In our work, we include self-help forces and also aim to promote the reduction of vulnerability to disasters.

In short-term disaster relief, Sign of Hope quickly and unbureaucratically ensures the survival of people who have been distressed worldwide by devastating natural events and have often lost everything. In doing so, Sign of Hope works primarily with local project partners who are best able to assess the needs of those affected.

In short- and medium-term emergency assistance, Sign of Hope responds to situations in defined priority countries where the timely delivery of relief supplies is important for people's survival. This aid is often targeted at populations affected by prolonged crises, especially conflict or war, but also by environmental pollution or climate change. When there is a thorough improvement in an emergency situation, emergency relief projects can be followed by long-term development cooperation projects.

We base our work on the international standards of humanitarian assistance - the "Core Humanitarian Standards", the guidelines of "Sphere" and the Code of Conduct of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement are mentioned here.

Humanitarian assistance includes reconstruction and rehabilitation measures in addition to "classic" food distributions, emergency health programs and programs to secure drinking water supplies. After flood and drought damage, for example, seeds and agricultural tools are distributed and infrastructure is rebuilt so that people can sustainably ensure their survival.

Projects on the topic

Syrien Anonymous

Supporting victims of gender-based violence

Gender-based violence is omnipresent in North-West Syria. Reports of physical violence, psychological abuse, sexual assault, denial of opportunities, early and forced marriage as well as sexual exploitation and abuse are common. Our local partner Amal is one of the organizations providing ongoing...

Emergency assistance project in the Horn of Africa

In Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan, it has repeatedly failed to rain in recent years, leaving people suffering from acute hunger and water shortages. Climatic changes such as droughts have a direct impact on people's lives - livestock die because they cannot find enough food and water, agriculture...

Food security and education for people in northern Iraq

Together with our local partner Amal, Sign of Hope supports particularly vulnerable families in the town of Zakho with food and hygiene articles. In addition, educational measures are carried out for students in order to increase their chances of entering the workforce.
Frauen in überfluteten Feldern

Food security after floods

Mozambique is regularly affected by cyclones. The resulting floods destroy fields as well as pastures, damage agriculture, livestock and thus the local population. Through our project, we want to improve the nutritional situation of the people and give them access to seeds and chickens.
Familie in Guatemala

Supporting disaster-prone communities

The southwestern region of Quetzaltenango is one of the areas most affected by natural disasters in Guatemala. Sign of Hope supports the local population in securing their livelihoods, food and shelter. In addition, access to nutrition and health services will be improved and community disaster...
Verteilung Nothilfepakete im Irak

Relief supplies against the Covid 19 emergency

The people in northern Iraq are suffering from the economic effects of the Corona pandemic. Due to the lack of income opportunities, among other things, they are unable to meet their basic needs themselves. Therefore, Sign of Hope provides relief goods such as food and hygiene items to the people in...
Vorbereitung auf humanitäre Notlagen

Preparation for humanitarian emergencies

Local non-governmental organisations are the first and last to provide on-site assistance and support reconstruction in the event of a disaster. For this reason, a total of ten local partner organisations in particularly disaster-prone countries are being given specialist training to enable them to...

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