Gesundheit für Hirtenvolk der Dassenech

Health for pastoralists from the Dassenech Community

In northern Kenya, on the border with Ethiopia within Marsabit county, is the village of Illeret. Life for the Dassenech people living here is hard: Unpredictable droughts make their livestock farming difficult and hunger is the result - children in particular suffer from deficiencies. At the same time, women are often left to their own devices during pregnancy and childbirth. Malaria also becomes a danger in this remote, medically underserved region.
Project country
Project period
April 2019 - September 2023
  • Treatment of simple diseases at the health center in Illeret by providing medicines as well as treatment materials.
  • Special care and special food for malnourished children
  • Pre- and postnatal care including obstetric care in special "mothers' shelters", as well as handing over "mothers' packages" for new mothers, soap and other hygiene items
  • A "mobile clinic" run by Hoffnungszeichen that travels to remote villages and treats the sick as well as malnourished children
  • Training of volunteer health workers
  • Informing the population about health and hygiene
  • Providing food for the population during periods of hunger
  • At the beginning of the project: Renovation and expansion of health facilities in Illeret and Sielicho regions
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