Frauen im Feld in Indien

Strengthening resilience through reforestation and promoting sustainable livelihoods

The Sundarban Islands on the Bay of Bengal are home to the world's largest mangrove area and contribute significantly to carbon sequestration and biodiversity in the Indian Ocean. Mangrove forests protect the coastal areas and hinterland from floods, storm surges and cyclones. The livelihood of the inhabitants (mainly agriculture and fishing) depends on the sensitive ecosystem, which is threatened by the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources and the effects of climate change.
Project country
Project period
June 2021 - May 2024
  • Creating alternative livelihood opportunities
  • Promoting sustainable and climate-adapted agriculture and aquaculture.
  • Reforestation to protect and preserve the valuable ecosystem and biodiversity
  • Awareness raising and training on climate change, conservation and biodiversity.
  • Establishment of farmer and fisherman exchange groups.
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