Training in Quetzaltenango

Education and health for Guatemala

The communities of Quetzaltenango and San Marcos in western Guatemala offer youths and young adults hardly any future: The level of education is low and unemployment is high. Since the health care system in the region hardly functions either, people with few resources get into serious trouble when they fall ill. Through the project, we give children and young people the chance of an education to enable them to enter the workforce and improve the capacity of the local healthcare system.
Project country
Project period
January 2021 - December 2023
  • School scholarships for young girls
  • Scholarships for young adults in a medical educational institution
  • Scholarships for training in other trades such as hairdressing, baking, and electrician courses
  • Further education for medical personnel
  • Further training for teaching staff
  • Courses for school principals and parents
  • Training of birth attendants
  • Nutritional support for pregnant women, young mothers, and infants
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