Viele Menschen in der DR Kongo haben aufgrund der schwierigen Lebensumstände im Land nie gelernt, Felder ertragreich zu bestellen. Deshalb ermöglichen wir den Dorfbewohnern Schulungen im Anbau von Gemüse.

Fighting hunger with learning groups and community field work

More than 2.2 million children in the DR Congo are malnourished. Child mortality is extremely high, largely due to inadequate nutrition. In their distress, families resort to the cheapest foods, but these do not adequately provide children with the nutrients they need. The province of Sud-Ubangi is particularly threatened by hunger. Sign of Hope helps with special foods and empowers parents to sustainably ensure a balanced diet for their families.
Project country
Project period
Oct. 2019 until Sep. 2024
  • Families in Sud-Ubangi receive training on sustainable farming techniques, balanced nutrition, and measures to prevent malnutrition among young children.
  • Families join together in community groups where they exchange ideas on cultivation techniques and plant vegetable gardens together to expand the food supply
  • Undernourished children benefit from complementary food treatment. Their development is monitored by trained nurses
  • Mothers will be able to independently produce the complementary food from locally available products.
  • Families will have access to water.
  • Establishment of cocoa cooperatives
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