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Flag of Nagorno Karabakh


The "black garden of the Caucasus" is still not pacified.

The exclave of Nagorno-Karabakh, 99 % of which is inhabited by Armenians, has been the Republic of Arzakh since 2017, is located on the territory of Azerbaijan and is not recognised as a state under international law. The region has been disputed between Armenia and Azerbaijan for more than 100 years. The approximately 145,000 inhabitants, almost all of whom belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church, suffer from the military conflict that flares up again and again and the almost area-wide destruction, the danger posed by thousands of land mines, poverty and high unemployment. In 2020, some 100,000 people fled the internationally unrecognised Republic of Arzakh due to the 44-day war. Azerbaijan recaptured some territories in the process. In August 2022, new clashes broke out. Currently, there is a ceasefire, but it is broken again and again. And Nagorno-Karabakh is isolated by the blockade of the only connecting road to Armenia.

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Frauen, Kinder und Schwache zuerst

Women, children and the weak first

In the spring and fall of each year, our Armenian employees distribute food to socially disadvantaged families, the elderly, orphans and war widows who are in need of immediate assistance due to a lack of family or other support. Due to the outbreak of war in the fall of 2020, many families have...
"Steh auf und geh"

"Get up and walk"

At the Prosthesis Center in Stephanakert, numerous mine-explosion victims receive custom-fit prostheses that enable them to live their daily lives with dignity. Home visits are made to patients who cannot reach the center due to physical and financial deficits.

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