Die Not von Familien mit Kleinkindern wie Buthaina ist besonders groß. Sie sind dringend auf Unterstützung angewiesen.

Famine and cholera threaten the country

23.4 million people in Yemen are dependent on humanitarian aid due to the civil war. Over two million children are acutely malnourished. One in two has no access to clean drinking water and sanitary facilities. Together with a local partner, we help with food, water and hygiene articles.
Project country
Project period
Since September 2017
  • Construction of 30 latrines in Al Marawi'ah district of Al-Hudaida region.
  • Distribution of food vouchers and hygiene kits to 110 households (totaling over 750 individuals)
  • Organisation of two vocational trainings for 20 individuals and provision of necessary equipment to carry out the activity
  • Distribution of livestock to a total of 20 households (including vaccination, training, feed)
  • Implementation of awareness raising activities related to hygiene and nutrition
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