Ein Mann im Feld in Malawi

Sustainable fishing and agriculture

The main problem in Salima and Nkhotakota districts in Central Malawi is the loss of natural resources such as forests, soils, water and fish. The effects of this loss are food insecurity, poverty, social problems, loss of soil diversity and increasing vulnerability of the population to climate change. The project promotes sustainable livestock and agriculture, fishing, and independent power supply through the promotion of solar energy. The project will directly reach up to 2,000 beneficiaries. The number of indirect beneficiaries is approximately 11,700 people, including family members and the remaining members of the village communities.
Project country
Project period
October 2021 - December 2024
  • Development of aquaculture
  • Promotion of sustainable livestock production
  • Promotion of climate-adapted agriculture
  • Introduction of modern food storage systems
  • Introduction of sustainable forest management
  • Introduction of sustainable fisheries management
  • Promotion of solar energy through support of local enterprises for the production and distribution of solar technology
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