Jeder der kann, hilft, die Säcke vorzubereiten, die Nahrung wie Mais und Sorghum auszuteilen oder den Kraftlosen zu helfen, ihre Rationen zu transportieren.

Food in the greatest need

Thousands of people are fleeing their home villages because of drought and war. Many families are seeking refuge in the diocese of Rumbek. But hunger prevails here as well - both among the locals and the refugees. We are helping with foodstuffs such as beans, maize and sorghum to tide them over until the next harvest.
Project country
Project period
February 2017 - September 2017
  • Two projects, first in the Warrap region, then throughout the catchment area of the diocese


  • the food will be distributed in total to about 11,660 needy people in 10 parishes in the diocese of Rumbek


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