Niro Kaarah ist eine der Mütter, die dankbar die Hilfe entgegennehmen. Ihre wenigen verbliebenen Ziegen geben keine Milch mehr und können so ihre acht Kinder nicht ernähren.

Maize and Beans for the Starving

In northern Kenya, on the border with Ethiopia, the Dassenech community in the village of Illeret is suffering from the death of their livestock and thus from acute food shortages - a hunger crisis threatens. It has not rained here for over a year, and many children are malnourished. We are helping the people in this catastrophe with food deliveries.
Project country
Project period
March 2017 - April 2017
  • 21.5 tons of food (maize, beans, rice, flour, salt and cooking oil) will be purchased in Marsabit (Kenya) and transported to Illeret, 500 km away
  • The goods will be distributed to 870 needy families in Illeret and neighboring communities
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