Frau in der Trockenheit Äthiopiens

Food security and peace for the people in the South Omo Zone

In the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia (SNNPR) region in the southwest of the country, food is scarce due to climatic changes. Plants and animals alike are suffering. The emerging competition for the few resources also results in conflicts between different villages and ethnic groups. Our project not only secures the livelihoods of 18,000 people through improved agriculture and further capacity building. It also contributes to international understanding and security in the region through active peace measures.
Project country
Project period
January 2023 - December 2027
  • Construction of a solar-powered irrigation system.
  • Distribution of improved seeds and training on their handling
  • Organization of a peace conference and the establishment and training of four peace committees.
  • Establishment of and support for mills and local markets.
  • Training and improving networking among local political actors and civil society.
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