Nothilfe in der Ukraine

Emergency aid for Ukrainian refugees in Ukraine, Slovakia and Moldova

Millions of Ukrainians are fleeing the war in their homeland. Within a very short time, the humanitarian emergency has led to an unprecedented flow of refugees in western and southwestern Ukraine, in the Košice region of Slovakia, and in several parts of Moldova. They are losing their livelihoods, receiving little psychosocial assistance, are vulnerable to sexual abuse, and the onset of winter is causing concern for many. The project will reach at least 71,596 beneficiaries, including 59,771 IDPs in Ukraine, 5,825 refugees in Slovakia and 6,000 in Moldova.
Project country
Project period
April 2022 - December 2023

Our aid efforts in Ukraine target five areas:

1. Cash assistance in Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil

  • Assistance enables IDPs and host families to meet their needs for food, clothing, and hygiene items, among others.

2. Providing shelter in Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil

  • Establishment, renovation and expansion of safe emergency shelters to accommodate 1,055 IDPs
  • Equipping the shelters with blankets, sleeping bags, mattresses, hygiene items and cooking utensils.

3. Establishment of protection mechanisms and implementation of psychosocial counseling in Transcarpathia, Ternopil and online

  • Guided sessions (group, individual, online) by experts for processing traumatic experiences and mental health problems
  • Psychological support
  • Establishment of child- and youth-friendly shelters
  • Excursions, workshops and information campaigns for young people

4. Winterisation activities in the eastern part of the country

  • Procurement and distribution of heating materials in Dnipropetrovsk oblast
  • Families will receive two tons of heating materials to get them through the coldest winter months

5. Food security and hygiene items for particularly vulnerable families in Odessa

  • Procurement and distribution of food and hygiene items
  • Support is provided to particularly vulnerable families who, among other things, have family members with a serious illness or disability


Our actions in the Košice region of Slovakia include:

  • Distribution of vouchers for essential goods such as food, clothing and hygiene items
  • Renovation of three central refugee shelters in Košice, Trebišov, and Michalovce
  • Training of staff in the area of education and special protection of children and refugees
  • Renovation or construction of a day center where refugees and Slovak families can meet
  • Organisation of meetings for local people to promote communication between refugees and Slovak families
  • Psychological counseling
  • Childcare
  • Organisation of a summer camp for teenagers

Our actions in the districts of Balti, Comrat, Vulcanesti, Ciadir Lunga, Basarabeasca (in Gagauzia), Cahul, Stefan Voda, Ungheni, Leova, Cimislia in Moldova include:

  • Cash assistance and issuance of vouchers for essential items such as food, clothing, hygiene items and school supplies

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