Mit Ihrer Spende können die Teller der Schulkinder in Maker Kuei jeden Tag gefüllt werden. Die Kinder sagen von Herzen „Danke!“

School meals for 1,750 pupils

The Loreto Sisters run an elementary school in Maker Kuei near Rumbek with currently almost 1,400 students aged five to fourteen and also a boarding school for girls with a secondary school and about 350 students aged fourteen to twenty. The nuns are also involved in basic health care and offer nutritional therapy for malnourished children. Together with Sternstunden e.V, Sign of Hope supports its project partner in providing food.
Project country
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since November 2018 till February 2024

The Loreto Sisters need several hundred thousand meals a year for their school feeding program - a large part of the food required (beans, sorghum, local vegetables, cooking oil and salt) is provided by Sign of Hope together with Sternstunden e.V. - the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation's charity campaign. The school meals also encourage parents who do not yet realize the practical benefits of education to send their children to school regularly and on a long-term basis.

  • Currently 1,400 primary school students receive a nutritious meal every school day
  • The boarding school's 350 or so girls eat three times a day
  • Approximately 200 Loreto School employees recieve food as well as needy households in the region 
  • The sisters also use the food (with the addition of vitamins) to produce special food for their infirmary's feeding program, which currently has 150 malnourished children under the age of five
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