Emergency assistance project in the Horn of Africa

In Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan, it has repeatedly failed to rain in recent years, leaving people suffering from acute hunger and water shortages. Climatic changes such as droughts have a direct impact on people's lives - livestock die because they cannot find enough food and water, agriculture can no longer be carried out because there is no rain, and people therefore do not have enough income, food and water to live a life in dignity. Our project supports 33. 390 people in Kenya, 33.876 in Ethiopia and 9.000 in South Sudan to counteract these climatic impacts.

Our relief efforts in Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan include the following measures:

  • Distribution of food and cash aid
  • Provision of agricultural inputs (seeds and tools)
  • Training in agricultural cultivation
  • Treatment and vaccination of livestock
  • Rehabilitation of wells
  • Training of water management committees
  • Raising awareness of safe hygiene and sanitation practices
  • Provision of hygiene products and items for water storage and treatment
  • Training on protection, gender equality, inclusion, mental health and psychosocial support
  • Provision of psychosocial support and strengthening of local referral mechanisms for case management
  • Development of an early action plan for anticipatory humanitarian action
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