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How and where you can find us? Where to stay and dinner? Your directions to Hoffnungszeichen I Sign of Hope e.V.
Hoffnungszeichen Büro Gebäude Stiftung
Building in which the Sign of Hope Head Office is located.

Sign of Hope Head Office in Germany

Hoffnungszeichen | Sign of Hope e.V.
Schneckenburgstraße 11 d
78467 Konstanz

By train:

From ZRH Zurich Airport to your final destination Konstanz-Petershausen it takes around 60 to 90 minutes, with a platform change in Konstanz-Central Station. From the stop Konstanz-Petershausen it is a five minute walk where you pass a housing area. Afterwards, the white building in which Sign of Hope e.V. resides appears. The entry is behind the house. (Schedule)

Parking opportunities for cars:

Parking spaces are available at the SoH-Building.

Where to stay:

  • ABC-Hotel, Steinstrasse 19, 78467 Konstanz: From there it is a 5 min walk to SoH and 25 min to the city.
  • Hotel Restaurant Petershof, St.-Gebhard-Straße 14, 78467 Konstanz: 5 min walk to SoH and 15 min to the city.
  • B&B Hotel Konstanz, Line-Eid-Str. 2, 78467 Konstanz: A bit outside, the walking distance is around 25/30 min to SoH and the city.
  • Hotel Bilger Eck; Reichenaustr. 2; 78467 Konstanz: A 15 min walk to SoH and 15 min to the city.

How to get to the Town-Centre:

You leave the Sign of Hope building and turn on to the Schneckenburgstraße, cross the railway and follow the street until you end up at the water (You will also pass Edeka where you buy several things). When you reach the water you turn left until you reach the Fahrradbrücke (Bicycle-Bridge) and cross it. After you passed the bridge you turn left and walk a few hundred meters. This walk will take around 30 to 35 minutes.

As an alternative, you can take the train from Konstanz-Petershausen to Konstanz-Central Station which takes 5 minutes.

Places for Dinner:

  • Constanzer Wirthaus: Regional kitchen, beer garden; Spanierstraße 3, 78467 Konstanz (Menu)
  • Roter Gugelhan: Regional kitchen, Pizza & „Flammkuchen“;  Salmannsweilergasse 12, 78462 Konstanz
  • Shamrock Irish Pub: Burger & Snacks, Evening Events; Bahnhofstraße 478462 Konstanz

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